What You Might Not Know About Antartica

What You Might Not Know About Antartica

Perhaps, we often hear and see in various media about the North Pole. Yes, the North Pole is more ‘popular’ than the South Pole because it is explored and reported more often. In addition, geographical proximity to developed countries makes it no longer a place full of mystery. Indeed, Antarctica, which is at the South Pole, is a giant natural laboratory for studying the earth and its atmosphere, as well as changes in the global environment, including changes related to human activities. So many are wondering What is The Climate Like at 90-Degrees South Latitude?

Antarctica is the most remote continent in the world which is contradictory. Very beautiful and virgin, but very unfriendly. This is the most stormy and coldest place on earth, as well as the most fragile and sensitive. It has the lowest rainfall of any continent, but its ice contains 70 percent of the planet’s freshwater. With an average thickness of about 2,200 meters, the ice makes Antarctica the highest continent in the world, with an altitude of about 2,300 meters above sea level.

This continent is also the fifth-largest continent in the world. However, Antarctica does not have a permanent population larger than a colony of moss, a type of fly measuring one centimeter in size.

Here are unique facts that you may not know much about Antarctica.

1. 53 million years ago, Antarctica was so warm that coconut trees grew along its shores. The temperature on this continent was once above 20 degrees Celsius.

2. Antarctica is the coldest continent, winter temperatures can reach –73 degrees Celsius. The coldest temperature on record was July 21, 1983, recorded by Russia’s Vostok Station on the continent, at –89.2 degrees C.

3. In some places, the thickness of the ice in Antarctica can reach 4 km. If the ice in Antarctica melted, the world’s sea levels would rise by 60-65 meters. Only less than 2% of Antarctica is not covered by ice, including the McMurdo Dry Valleys, which are said to be the driest places in the world.

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