What Epoxy Hardener Is

What Epoxy Hardener Is

Want to build a house with a concrete floor? One of the components of concrete supplies needed for a concrete floor surface is an epoxy hardener. What is an epoxy hardener and how does it play a role in providing resistance to concrete? Maybe you are familiar with the various types of epoxy used in industrial areas and residential homes. This coating apparently cannot be separated from the hardener component as a hardener. Thus, the concrete layer will be more perfect and sturdy.

Epoxy hardener is part of the components needed for epoxy floor work. This component is also known as floor hardener, which is a concrete floor hardener and lubricant consisting of several combinations of materials. This epoxy hardener is usually used to coat the floors of garages, warehouse areas, parking areas, industrial areas, factories, and other areas that require traffic.

Using concrete floors for industrial areas and residential areas does have its advantages. However, you also need to take into account the floor hardener needed. The types of hardeners are distinguished by their shape and color of origin, which are as follows:

1. Powder Formed Epoxy Hardener
The first type of hardener is in powder form. At first glance, this type of hardener is indeed similar to cement powder. How to use this hardener is when the surface of the concrete floor has dried and can be stepped on. After that, sprinkle hardener powder and use a trowel machine to compact it. We recommend applying the hardener powder with a trowel is not done alone because it is quite heavy. If it feels solid enough, the cement powder needs to be dried using a curing agent.

2. Liquid Epoxy Hardener
The next type of hardener is in the form of a liquid. This type of hardener is more often referred to as a coating layer on epoxy work projects. How to use this hardener is when the condition of the concrete floor is dry and clean. In addition, this type of hardener can also be applied to recoating concrete floors that start to crack, have holes, and other damage. All steps of the work must be carried out when the surface of the concrete floor is clean.

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