Water Temperature, Fittings, And Adhesive Must Be Understood Before Buying Pipes

Water Temperature, Fittings, And Adhesive Must Be Understood Before Buying Pipes

The cold water pipe and the hot water pipe are of different types. The temperature of hot water in a water heater ranges from 65-85 degrees Celsius. Therefore, choose a pipe that can withstand a minimum temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. For this type of hot water pipe, PPR pipe is a pipe that is very suitable for hot water lines. This pipe is made of petroleum-based materials and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. However, besides being able to be used for cold water lines, it can also be used for liquid food and drinking water because it is food grade standard or safe for food. It is also not easily damaged and does not pollute the flow. Aside from that, if you need experts to check out the condition of your pipes at home, then we suggest you call the helpful resources service right away.

If you have purchased a pipe, usually there will be a connection. And that means having to determine what size connection or fitting is right. And this is important to note. If it’s the wrong size, then the connection that forms an L or T shape won’t fit and can be a waste of money. So before buying, make sure first what size is right. You can take a sample of the pipe or you can ask the craftsman what size it is.

After determining the fittings or connections, we can also choose the type of glue. And it turns out that this is not the only type of pipe glue that I usually use, which if it’s glued for a moment, it sticks and dries. But there are also other types of pipe glue. Which new adhesion will stick between 5-6 hours. However, due to this long compounding process, the adhesive will be stronger and last longer. In contrast to the first type, the bonding power depends on how sticky the adhesive material is. Especially if the position of the pipe is quite prone to shaking or movement. But from my experience, even if I use this type of glue, it’s always safe.

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