Tricks to Arrange Kitchen Wall Shelves to Be Practical and Save Space

Tricks to Arrange Kitchen Wall Shelves to Be Practical and Save Space

Kitchen wall shelves are one of the favorite pieces of furniture that are almost always in every kitchen, especially the small cooking room. The open concept makes the kitchen look more spacious. The position of the kitchen wall shelf at the top is also space-saving. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the arrangement so that the kitchen wall shelves are practical and space-saving. So as not to be confused, the official website created by grandchildren will share tips and tricks in arranging kitchen wall shelves.


You can buy kitchen wall shelves separately or individually at furniture stores. However, you can also make it custom and permanent. Well, in installation or manufacture, be sure to measure your height with the height of the kitchen wall shelf position. The goal is to make it easier for you to reach the objects on the shelf. Kitchen wall shelves don’t always have to be straight. Just adjust it based on the needs and circumstances of each kitchen. The application of this trick can be in the form of a kitchen wall shelf that forms a corner of the room, resembling the letter L. As a result, kitchen wall shelves are more space-saving, no corners are wasted, and of course, remain practically accessible from all sides.

In addition to paying attention to the shape and size, also pay attention to the thickness of the kitchen wall shelf material. In general, the material used is wood. The thicker the wood, the stronger the support. After that, leave it to a professional to nail or fix the bolts to the wall perfectly. Want to put a jar of spices or a ceramic plate on it? Of course, it’s safe, you don’t have to be afraid of falling or the kitchen wall shelf will be bent. Choosing the position of the kitchen wall shelf also has a trick. For example, in a position on the border between the kitchen and living room that carries the concept of open space. This kitchen wall shelf is multifunctional as a dividing element between spaces.

Color selection should be set as well as possible. A color combination that doesn’t match will only make the kitchen look cramped and unattractive. So, match the color of the kitchen wall shelves with the kitchen cabinets.

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