Get To Know The 3 Lenses Of Glasses

The use of gadgets that are too frequent can have a strong effect on the eyes, which can damage the eyes. Especially at a time like this, everyone is turning to an online system, from business, shopping to education. For those of you who already feel that your eyes feel tired or have vision problems. You can do an eye examination with the doctor. It is very necessary because when you leave it alone, it can be quite harmful to your eyes. But before that, you may need to learn a few things about glasses. Because glasses do not just have one type. There are various models of glasses and have different types of lenses as well. Talking about lenses, it turns out that the manufacture of lenses themselves is quite complicated and this requires the role of good technology. One of the tools used is a laser mirror, get more information.

In addition, there are 3 types of eyeglass lenses that are generally used by eye sufferers, namely lenses with minus glasses. Glasses with this type of minus lens, are usually used to help eye sufferers who experience nearsightedness. This lens has a concave shape and the way it works is by making it easier for eyes that can’t focus to see at a distance. Usually, the lenses for this type of glasses will be used more often when doing outdoor activities. Next, glasses with plus lenses. This is the opposite type of lens from the minus lens described above. The lenses of plus glasses have a convex shape. As for the function itself, this is quite different from the type of minus glasses. Eye sufferers who use this type of lens plus, this is a farsighted patient.

The latter is the type of cylindrical lens. Glasses equipped with cylindrical lenses will help the vision of those with Astigmatism disorders.

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