Buttercream and Whipped Cream, What’s the Difference?

Buttercream and Whipped Cream, What’s the Difference?

Is here if anyone asks about the difference between Whipped Cream and Butter Cream? Then, which one should be used to decorate the cake? Buttercream and whipped cream are ingredients that are often used when decorating cakes. Both have different characteristics, but both are favorites because of their uniqueness. The main ingredient for making buttercream is fat. The fat used can be in the form of margarine, butter or butter, or shortening (don’t forget that margarine and butter are different.) While the additions are sugar (can be powdered sugar, sweetened condensed sugar, or liquid sugar), soft cream, and powdered milk. The ingredients for making whipped cream are heavy cream. In the recipe, it is also called whipped cream chargers for sale, heavy cream, double cream, or thick cream. At the grocery store, we can find it in the refrigerator. Heavy cream is packaged in tetra rex cartons, similar to UHT milk packaging.

In general, the texture of buttercream is denser, creamy, and firmer than whipped cream. There are many versions of the buttercream recipe. The different compositions of fat and additives can affect the texture of the buttercream made. The fewer ingredients in the mixture, the denser the texture will be. Buttercream can be added to coloring and flavoring. The opposite of buttercream, whipped cream has a softer and lighter texture. There are two types, namely dairy and non-dairy. Whipped cream dairy tends to be bland, so you need to add powdered sugar/mix with other ingredients to make it taste sweeter. While the non-dairy has a sweet taste, so it does not require additional sugar in applying. Buttercream is used to make cake decorations that require details, such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and the like. This is because buttercream has a dense and firm texture. Cakes that have been garnished with buttercream can be reserved at room temperature, and last up to 3 days. If stored in the chiller, the cake can last up to one week.

Whipped cream can also be used to coat or decorate cakes. But can’t be too detailed, because the texture tends to be light and not sturdy. Cakes that have been decorated with whipped cream must be stored in the chiller so that they do not melt. If stored in the chiller, the cake can last for two to three days.

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