Aluminum Demand Increases 2020 Worldwide

Aluminum Demand Increases 2020 Worldwide

In 2020 the demand for aluminum increases worldwide? Is it true? Aluminum ramp production in the global market has increased by 5.8 percent in 2017. Strong and sustained demand is also in the price trend. It has had a major impact on international aluminum stock levels as well. Indeed, aluminum will continue to benefit from the light construction trend in the coming years. Global primary aluminum production increased by 5.8 percent in 2017, with a 10 percent increase in China and steady production in North America and Europe. In total for 2017, approximately 63.2 million tonnes of aluminum were produced worldwide cmilc. Market watchers expect continued solid growth in the current year, with Düsseldorf-based IKB Bank forecasting global primary aluminum production of 64 million tonnes and recycled aluminum production of around 12 million tonnes in 2018.

Strong demand also complies with price trends. While the price is approx. US $ 1,700 per tonne at the start of 2017, has increased to between the US $ 2,100 and 2,200 one year later. Prospects for the aluminum industry in the year are overall good, despite continuing political uncertainty, such as the planned US tariffs on aluminum imports, Brexit, and knowing China, as the world’s largest and semi-largest aluminum producer. Finished aluminum products, may expand their exports to the European market. Global demand for primary and recycled aluminum by the trend towards light construction in the auto industry. Aluminum consumption is growing in the booming aerospace industry, an increase in the European continental construction industry is also stimulating demand. Also, the demand in the mechanical and packaging engineering market continues to increase. The auto industry is a major growth driver for this industry, not only because of strong growth in personal transportation worldwide but also because of the pressure to use light materials to protect the environment and climate.

The light automotive construction field continues to grow, the possibilities are far from over. And: given megatrends such as future mobility, electromobility, and additive manufacturing, new solutions and applications using aluminum are increasingly being sought.

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